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Okay so this is just a wild guess/my own observation buuuut, I don’t think Mary is pregnant at all. Maybe this has been said already, apologies if that’s the case, but I mean… We all know something is going to happen to her, that much is obvious. However, I’m willing to bet that she’s a schemer and her exit won’t simply be “oh Mary died/was killed”. She took to Sherlock really well and really easily, a tough feat for even the people he’s closest to, and in his deduction of her “liar, liar” was seen. So if Mary is planning something to do with John or Sherlock, she’d have to be really clever about it. Faking a pregnancy wouldn’t be too hard. She’d be able to fake the signs for Sherlock to deduce easy enough…. idk. I’m probably well off the mark, it just makes me feel really uncomfortable to think that they’d A) kill her off in the first place and B) kill her while she was pregnant. There’s obviously a lot of holes with this theory, and I don’t feel like going deeper into it at this moment because laze, but yeah. Ideas~. I just wish that nothing bad happens to her, that she’s a good person, because she’s been a shining beacon on this show. 

I created my fitocracy account!

I’m participating in the BBC Sherlock Fitness Challenge and I couldn’t be more excited! I’d already committed to starting a rigorous workout and diet routine on May 28th and this gives me the perfect push to really go at my weightloss hard. I have a really big goal and I hope to reach it… and maybe win a gift card in the process. ;p

So if anyone else is participating drop your username so I can follow you! I’m really counting on motivation from seeing everyone else meet their goals. It’s going to be super fun. And even if you’re not doing it but have a fitocracy account drop your username anyway. The more the merrier! :3 

I am really pumped, ohmigosh! 



Alright, so this is a relatively new group and it needs some RPers, so if anyone’s interested, click the link.


“Don’t think for even one second that I am one of them.”

Donation sketch commission for the amazing thisisnotmyhomeplanet, who requested anything Sherlock, so I may as well take the chance and draw some winglock. And blood.


Not Sherlock’s area? Girlfriends.

Not John’s area? Understanding what is going on.

Not Molly’s area? Conversation.

Not Lestrade’s area(division)? EVERYTHING.






Heroes Die is currently playing on my iTunes and I’m oh so casually sobbing my heart out.

Even though it isn’t even remotely Sherlock related.
But the some of the lines… All the sobs.

Maybe you’re a tree who’s leaves stay
Or maybe you go where the wind blows
All I know is I’m right either way

Every word you spoke was subtle
So I never gave you one rebuttal
Because somehow I knew you
Meant what you said

It’s like I spoke to you,
It’s like you spoke to me
You know we need each other
These things we built could last forever

Sometimes we watch our heroes die
And we don’t know why
We don’t know why they
Left us so young
Sometime we watch our mirrors cry
And we don’t know why
We don’t know why they
Left us undone

I’ve learned that I can live without you
I’ve learned that there are things about you
Which I knew
Which I chose to hold in

I’ve seen your eyes when they’re glassed over
Your charcoaled lungs… Malignant fire
Desire kept us holding on tight.

I am now everything good that you did
I’m tossing out all of the things you kept hid
Like the scars on your knuckles
The way that you chuckled…
When the bottle made way for it