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Rapunzel and Thor Commission by azeen-puppetmurder

For some reason, I could see Thor getting along really well with Punzie so this would make sense to me.

New t-shirt. (: @olanrogers #olanrogersapparel


Marry Natasha, live in a shack in South America, no kids, drive a vintage motorbike,  kink for body paint, work as an entomologist.

oh my god dream fucking life this is great

Marry: Clint Barton 
Live: Mansion (not a nest?)
Kids: One
Cars: Vintage motorbike
Kink: old flings 
Job: Personal assistant 


Avengers Minimalist Posters
Part 8 - “Abilities & Weapons”
Requested by supersnazzy
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Alright I’m done with this blog for tonight.

Off to be Thor for a while. Come bother him, you know you want to!

Here it is, my independent (mostly but open to anyone) movie!verse Thor ask/RP blog. 

Have at it, kids.

Is there any place where a person can purchase a Loki, Lady Loki, and/or Thor helmet? Probably handmade because the only mass produced ones I can find come with ugly Halloween costumes. 

I’m shit at making things myself so if anyone can hook me up with a seller or someone who can create these things and will sell them, that would be fantastic!