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I feel so awful for Derek. 

His pack is abandoning him because being a werewolf isn’t what he promised them. I feel bad for Derek.

But I feel worse for Erica, Boyd, and Isaac. 

If they thought being with Derek was bad… Just wait until they get smacked in the face with the reality that is a foreign pack in an unfamiliar place. 

They just have no idea what they’re doing. 

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  • favorite non-sexual activity: Board games. It’s a guilty pleasure for the both of them but boards games gets them to focus on something without the chance of their minds wandering to whatever danger is lurking in the night.
  • who uses all the hot water: Stiles totally does. He doesn’t even necessarily take a long time to get clean, he just likes the heat of the shower. Plus, Derek is used to cold showers now and prefers them.
  • most trivial thing they fight over: Everything, literally. 
  • who does most of the cleaning: Neither one of them but they aren’t really that filthy so they split up chores evenly when they HAVE to be done.
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: Stiles because he’s a big movie guy, Derek doesn’t really care for TV or the cinema.
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Derek usually fixes it himself.
  • who steals the blankets: Stiles because Derek doesn’t need them as much being a hot blooded wolf and all.
  • who leaves their stuff around: Derek more so than Stiles because Stiles’ mom always made sure to drill into his head that he MUST pick up after himself. He was a really spazzy kid so the extra attention kind of just stuck.
  • who remembers to buy the milk: Stiles because milk is his favorite beverage so he always has to have some in the house.
  • who remembers anniversaries: Stiles and, although he truly doesn’t care about them that much, he makes sure to make a big deal out of them because it annoys Derek to no end. 

or  and

  • who cooks normally?: Stiles. Derek doesn’t really know how.
  • how often do they fight?: All the time, but it’s more nitpicking than serious fights.
  • what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Stiles has school, lacrosse, and video games and Derek usually just broods (AKA does wolf stuff).
  • nicknames for each other?: Stiles will throw around Sourwolf here and there while Derek’s been known to lovingly refer to Stiles as ‘asshat’. 
  • who is more likely to pay for dinner?: They don’t ever go out to eat so it’s never been an issue. 
  • who steals the covers at night?: answered above
  • what would they get each other for gifts?: Derek is bad at gifts therefore he usually doesn’t give them but sometimes he’ll get Stiles a comic book he’s been wanting (BECAUSE STILES IS A CLOSEST COMIC BOOK READER I KNOW IT) and Stiles is also bad with gifts so he gets joke things like a dog whistle or a dog bowl personalized with Derek’s name (which he eats cereal out of, unironically). 
  • who kissed who first?: Stiles because he was just really fed up with all the sexual tension.
  • who made the first move?: ^
  • who remembers things?: They both do but they also both forget a lot because there is a lot on their respective plates.
  • who started the relationship?: Well it was more of a mutual understanding from day one.
  • who cusses more?: Derek.
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt?: They’re both very protective and fretful for the other (in secret of course) but Derek would definitely act more rashly than Stiles who would conversely think things through if one or the other were attacked/captured/etc.

I think I thought all that out way too much. Oops.