Animated Nyan Cat Rainbow

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 tiny ghostie(s)

Rainy Pot - Jeong Seungbin

Are there any other FREE programs one can use to create quality .gifs?

I can’t afford photoshop and my trial has expired. 

So yeah, anything free I can use that makes .gifs similar to the process and results of  making one in photoshop? 

Thank you in advance.

Theatre Costume Showcase (Sydney Ultimo College TAFE)

I wish I would have pursued theater in middle school.
I feel like if I had then I could have gone into acting in high school and done it in college too.
Being on stage and performing in a theater in front of hundreds has always been a dream of mine. (along with dancing and all the other failed dreams I’ve had)
This confession has been sparked by yet another photoset of wonderful theater costumes.



The cast of Adventure Time gets a rad rhombus redesign by Tumblr artist Drake Tsui! Check out more of his amazing work here. “Lump off, mom!” -LSP

What Time Is It? by Drake Tsui (Tumblr) (Facebook) (Twitter)

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