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This is going to seem like a dumb question but whatever.

How the eff do you post a gif in your text area without it doing the stupid little grey box thing?

Because copying the HTML from other posts is no longer convenient for me.


Okay. I know you all are so fed up with my angst posts but I’m feeling really shitty about myself lately. So this is just another sentence about how I don’t feel good enough and how I just feel not okay in general. My life is lacking quality, much like my blog.

But what I really want to say right now is that I love you guys, I really do.
You stick with me through my angst periods, my constant spammage of a lot of things or just a particular thing, you put up with my fluctuating interests, my incessant cursing, some of you take the time to talk with me, you leave kind and wonderful anon messages when prompted or when you feel like making me feel better, you’re all the most beautiful people I know.

Alexis is my IRL best friend who I love to bits and I know you see me post about her too. I say that I don’t know what I’d do without her, and I fucking mean it.

And I feel the same about a lot of you.

So right now I’d like to say that no matter what I say about myself, you all make me feel better and like maybe the shitty opinions I have of myself aren’t necessarily true.

Thank you all so god damn much.

Every new Sherlock Holmes ad makes me want to die.

They all are just slightly different, with just an extra snippet of a scene here and there but JFC… I need this movie like I need air.




But that’s alright because I still have the rest of you.
The rest of you wonderful, lovely, sweet, beautiful people.
Thank you all so much. You’re what makes this blog worthwhile.