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well thank you tumblr

i think i will

the new customize format is actually really amazing. thank you tumblr staff, THANK YOU.

Mad that my 50,000 posts is about tumblr but

it’s so fucked up right now

like, very badly screwed up.


So I don’t know if any of you use Opera but the tumblr update doesn’t work on it.

 I’m using my brother’s laptop and he has Opera browser and the skin posts don’t work.

 So if you hate that the use Opera browser.

Is there any way to turn off the dashboard new posts alert?

Because on EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. the alert is showing up and it’s annoying when I’m on page 6 of my dash but it’s telling me there are 14 new posts. 

Cool. I don’t care.

So, can that be turned off?


Okay, so this change isn’t really that bad. It actually does keep your tags. Hell, it has tags that I have only used once and then never showed up again. 

And reblogs don’t drag me back up to the top of my dash because I don’t have infinite scrolling, so just turn that off under your settings. 

It seems like the only real change is that the posts are now skins instead of new windows. Which for some people might be annoying but I personally don’t give a crap. 

The only “horrible” new change that I haven’t disproved is that missing e doesn’t work and I can go test that now. 

This change isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be yesterday and frankly, I think people might be blowing this out of proportion, much like I did yesterday. 

Although, replies still suck asshole.

Since everyone is freaking out… It’s probably time to tell you that the tumblr update is actually a layout redesign in honor of me since it’s my birthday tomorrow.

The changes are as follows -

  • Everyone’s icons will become a picture of me.
  • The background will be a photo collage of all my favorite things.
  • In honor of my merciful nature, tags will be put back in their original spot and all ask and posting limits will be removed.
  • That pesky Missing E message will just be a picture of my smiling face saying “Missing E? Really? JK. I use it too. Click the check box below if you think I’m beautiful, just like Missing E.”
  • Side blogs customization will be accessible directly from the blog, like on the main blogs. 
  • Also, you’ll be able to follow people from side blogs and private message people from them as well.
  • That silly plus sign will stay but instead of clicking and following the person reblogged from you’ll follow my blog.
  • Messages will be handled by blog and set up in a conversation style, so that no one will ever forget what they said ever again.
  • Photo and .gif size limit will be removed.
  • A special birthday tumblr chat system will be set up but you can only message me and tell me how incredible I am and what a treasure to the world I am.
  • The tumblr logo will say my name. 
  • The dashboard icons will go back to normal as a present to me (and to the world). 
  • And a birthday message from the tumblr staff will be pinned to the top of everyone’s dash reminding them to message me a happy birthday and thank me for all the marvelous changes I’ve given you. It’s not unpinnable. 
  • Oh and stylish won’t change any of your background or icons, etc. 
  • And several other surprise features that everyone will be sure to love!

So yeah. Just thought I’d clear that up.

This has been a post.

I am not emotionally prepared for this layout change, okay.

Amy and Rory are gone.

Supernatural is on tonight and I’m already dying inside.






WHERE DID MY TRACKED TAGS GO!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK IS THIS MADNESS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!/1/1/1/1?!?!!/1!?1/1?1?!/1!?!?!?!/1!?1!


Were you aware that if you hold down the reblog button on posts a little reblog bubble appears and slowly fills up green which reblogs the post? Sorta like alt+reblog, but for your phone!

Did you all know about this? Because I didn’t until like a day ago.